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Solution Challenge Incubation Program is a specially designed, curated suite of educational, incubation, networking and investment tools, hackathon guidance and resources for impact student entrepreneurs who are building their projects for Solution Challenge that address one or more of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).






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SCIP is a curated suite of training, incubation, networking and investment tools, hackathons, and resources specifically designed for influential student entrepreneurs building their projects for the Solution Challenge targeting one or more of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Solution Challenge Incubation Program will be a process involving 4 Hackathons in total to motivate teams to build efficient teams and create projects to participate in global competition. It will be a 5 month program for startup companies working on products / services targeting one or more of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

With the Solution Challenge Incubation Program we are looking for impactful companies that adopt a technical mindset to solve some of humanity's greatest challenges, with the vision of making the world better by acting with these sustainable goals.


  • Basic Training
  • Hackathons
  • Pre Acceleration
  • Acceleration

Basic Training

17 Jan - 11 Feb

At this stage, the participants will have the chance to find teams and expand their networks before the hackathons with the training series they will receive.

1) Basic Training
2) Entrepreneurship 101
3) SDG’s Introduction
4) Networking Events
5) Social Entrepreneurship
6) Business for Goals
7) Create ideas and build teams


11 Feb - 6 Mar

In the hackathons stage, students can team up in the hackathons for the Sustainable Development Goals and start working on the best idea in the Solution Challenge. At the end of the hackathons, the top three teams from all projects will be qualified for SCIP.

1) Hackathons (Hack for Global Goals)
2) 1:1s with mentors & advisors
3) Entrepreneurship 101
4) Sustainable Technologies with Companies

Pre Acceleration

14 - 31 March

In the pre-acceleration section, we start working immediately to participate in the Google Solution Challenge with better projects. Together with the expert mentors in the field, the needs are determined, and the teams are supported in those areas.

1) Weekly Updates
2) 1:1s with GDEs & Mentors
3) Social Impact Measurement Lessons
4) Group Feedback Sessions with the Peers
5) Social Entrepreneurship Training




We will support selected projects for this stage. Looking for establishing companies initiated by students that are taking a technical approach to solving some of humanity’s biggest challenges, with the vision for changing the world for the better.

1) Expert Hours
2) Funding Opportunities
3) Corporate Engagement
4) Networking with Angel Investors
5) Dinner nights with talks from inspirational founders


Hackathons are where students use Google technologies to produce solutions for SDGs.

Applications will open soon

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Yeşil is for people to discover the green and public spaces around them according to their needs and desired, see their opportunities, and reach there. A mobile application that allows them to spend quality and fun time.


WE is a mobile application that aims to make plastic recycling in the world more efficient and effective by using the power of gamification and community effect, and it is a recycling bin called HeroStation that works in integration with it.


Çiftçiden; It is an e-commerce platform where the farmer will determine the value of his own product and present it to the consumer, and the consumer will buy the agricultural product directly from the farmer and reach the freshest food at the most affordable price.

Buluş Yuvası

Meeting point for aspiring entrepreneurs, scientists, and expert employees.


Parksal is an IoT-based intiative that reduces the negative effects of parking finding processes by defining the parking spaces between the streets.


An application, platform that students who have difficulty in meeting their school needs can obtain from students who can share seasonally used or surplus materials.

Sirius Technology

It is a platform that combines VR technology and education to provide equal oppportunities in education and provide students with good experiences that they can obtain.


Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that plunges its victims into sudden and dangerous seizures. These disorders, which cause cognitive dysfunctions that patients experience in their daily lives, carry a risk of fatal injury according to the types of disorders. Our device is suitable for daily and regular use of patients and aims to detect seizure in advance and to warn them before an attack with the mobile application connected to the device.

AI Eğitim Platfromu

It is an artificial intelligence education platform that continues to work for the future, the sooner the foundations are laid on the saying that the tree bends when it is old, with artificial intelligence, which is the technology of the future, to suit every audience, especially for children.

Berak Anik Media

Berat Anik Media; is a media and consultancy company established to enable businesses in Turkey to adapt to digital transformation more easily and to meet their needs in this field. In addition, the company carries out many social responsibility projects such as branding and bringing to light the forgotten professions in the digital field with a portion of its revenues.

People Say

First of all, it was a training I attended with great pleasure and I was productive in the lessons without getting bored. I would like to thank your team and your industry for giving us such an environment and training opportunity. It is definitely on environment that everyone who is entrepreneur and wants to improve themselves should attend. Thank you very much for supporting us in this process and being with us until now. I will continue your training in the future without missing out. :)

Neslihan DOĞAN
AI Education Platform - Founder

Each training module was very short and descriptive enough. I was very satisfied. I can progress in other trainings and courses without getting bored. Eventually my competence has increased along with it. I often talk about it and recommend it to my friends. Thank you very uch to everyone who constributed.

Çiftçi - Founder
Blog Post

Our project, which developed from the idea stage at the People & Peace Hackathon, turned into an initiative during SCIP. It is an incubation program that we receive support in many areas from investor networks to mentorship opportunities, and we are glad to be involved in. If you have an idea about SDG targets, we say don't miss it.

Aysu KEÇECİ - Founder
Google Dev Blog

Some common questions
were often asked

What are the 17 Sustainable Development Goals?

Created by the United Nation in 2015 to be achieved by 2030. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) agreed upon by all 193 United Nations Member States aim to end poverty. Ensure prosperity and protect the planet. More information about the 17 SGDs can be found here

Can my solution solve a problem outside of the scope of the 17th Sustainable Developer Goals?

For Solution Challenge 2022, we require your submitted solution to solve for at least one or more of the 17 SDGs. When you have submitted your solution, please review all the 17 SDGs to understand which SDG your solution is focused on and what SDG targets you are looking to solve for.

Can one student or team submit with multiple submissions if they’ve contributed to both projects?

The Terms and Conditions state “LIMIT ONE (1) ENTRY PER PERSON,” so each student can only be a part of one submission.

User testing is important for the solution challenge. How would you recommend we do this while social distancing?

In short, we recommend getting creative within your means. To test your solution with users, it is always best to meet them face-to-face. This allows you to ask for real-time feedback, see upfront how they use your application, and pick up on subtle reactions. However, that is not possible, so we recommend getting creative in finding solutions as close to that as possible. Here are some potential solutions:

1) Conduct the interview over a video call.
2) Conduct the interview over a phone call, asking the potential user to constantly speak their thoughts out loud, so you can pick up on all of their feedback.
3) Write up a series of questions and ask your potential user to record themselves as they answer the questions and use your solution.
4) Simply ask for written feedback from your users.

I started working on a project before the solution challenge started -- can I submit it?

Plants are easy way to add color energy and transform your space but which planet is for you. Choosing the right plant.

Yes -- it would be eligible for submission as long as it was built after May 1, 2022.

Plants are easy way to add color energy and transform your space but which planet is for you. Choosing the right plant.

How do i choose a plant?

Plants are easy way to add color energy and transform your space but which planet is for you. Choosing the right plant.

How do i choose a plant?

Plants are easy way to add color energy and transform your space but which planet is for you. Choosing the right plant.

Can I still participate in the Solution Challenge if there is no Developer Student Club at my university?

Yes, as a student you can still participate as long as you team up with at least one student at an existing DSC university near you. You must join that DSC community through the DSC event platform. We recommend you to then reach out to the DSC lead for guidance on how to join or form a team with their community.

What is a solution demo?

The demonstration video is your time to show us the most important part of your application. When evaluating, our judges will use the demonstration video to understand how a user will interact with the application.

Can our demonstration video be longer that 2 minutes (120 seconds)?

As stated in the Terms and Conditions, “[The Video] cannot be longer than 120 seconds. If it is longer than this, only the first 120 seconds will be evaluated.”

How, in only two minutws, can we highlight our entire project?

In short, we recommend focusing on what’s important.

From the video, we want to understand how the user interacts with the solutions and it's features. We don’t need to know about every little feature, we care far more about the core value your solution is adding. So focus on the most important features and functionalities for the user.

The submission form asks us for a link to our repository. How can we share our code repo while also keeping our code private?

The Terms and Conditions states:

Link should direct the judges to a repository containing your code, which can be hosted on a Version Control System, such as Github or Bitbucket. In that repository, you should include a README.txt or file in the root directory. This file should contain clear instructions on how to run your code for us to be able to test out the solution.

So, if you’re running a public repository on Github, Bitbucket, or similar version control system, you can simply give us the link. But, if you want to keep your repo private, you have two options:

1) You can host your code in a private google drive folder and submit a share link.
2) In your Version Control System, you can give read access to the following email address:

In addition to Google2s developer tools, we used developer tools that were not created by Google. Does that still qualify?

Yes. As per the Terms and Conditions, we require that your submissions “Use of one or more Google products or platforms including.” In addition to that, however, you can also use developer tools that Google did not develop.

Does our project have to be deployed for submission?

No, it does not have to be deployed. If the project is deployed, this will help our judges get a better understanding of what you’ve built, but it is not required.

Given the implications of social distancing, our ability to test with users was impacted -- will the judges consider this?

Our judges will surely be mindful of the limitations that have been added by COVID-19. This includes but is not limited to:

1) Ability to meet as a team
2) Ability to have users test the solution
3) Lack of internet access or proper developer environments due to displacement from your college campus.

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